Gotta go

Recruitment Campaign

Gotta Go uses an endearing narrative to promote the importance of school crossing supervisors and the intrinsic value of taking on this important community role.

Valuing an important community role

City of Boroondara’s ‘Gotta go’ campaign sought to recognise the importance of school crossing supervisors in our communities and to encourage a more diverse range of people to take on the rewarding role.

Gotta Go shows a day in the life of a number of demographically diverse crossing supervisors as they report for their day’s duty. Traditionally thought of as a job for seniors, we cast roles for a ‘university student’, ‘stay-at-home parent’ and ‘after school carer’ – all people whose lifestyles are compatible with the demands of the role.

The TVC is both heartfelt and surprising, creating a piece that is memorable and encourages people to share with family and friends. It was completed on a shoestring budget and won its category at the annual Council Awards in 2015.


Gotta Go highlights the need for communities to support children and to reward those community members who set aside time to provide that support.

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